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How to get to Glowing Adventures

Where are we?

Photograph of Glowing Adventures sign and customers

Come and visit Glowing Adventures at 1199 Oparure Road in the Waitomo District.

The easiest way to get to us is by car, campervan, motorbike, RV, ute, pretty much anything that has a motor and wheels. You can drive directly to our farmhouse at 1199 Oparure Road, and park your vehicle free of charge while you take your cave tour.

We are located approximately 25 minutes’ drive from Waitomo Caves Village and 20 minutes from Te Kuiti. Note if you are coming from the North (e.g. from Otorohanga) that we are on Oparure Road, not Waitomo Caves Road. You will pass the intersection with Waitomo Caves Road (Highway 37) but don’t take it — keep going straight and you will see Oparure Road a little further on.

If you plan to follow your GPS please read this!

If you’re using a GPS (e.g. in a rental car or on your phone), and if you program in our official address (1199 Oparure Road, Waitomo District or Te Kuiti depending on your GPS system), it’s very likely your GPS will take you past our gateway and our signs, and you’ll end up about half a kilometer too far along Oparure Road. We don’t know why, but most GPS’s don’t know where we are! So here’s our advice for those using GPS, to avoid driving past:

  1. If you are using Google Maps search for “Glowing Adventures”, not “1199 Oparure Road”. Google Maps knows where we are, and it will bring you right to the gate.
  2. If not using Google Maps try programming your GPS for 1170 Oparure Road, Waitomo District or Te Kuiti. If your GPS lets you do that it will bring you right to the gate.
  3. If neither of those options work for you program your GPS for 1199 Oparure Road, which is our official address. Be aware though that you will pass our gate about 0.5km before your GPS thinks you’ve arrived. There are signs, so when you see them you’ve arrived — don’t trust your GPS too much!

Approximate travel times


We are 12kms west on Oparure Road, from the turn off on State Highway 3. Once on Oparure Road keep driving and you’ll see the Glowing Adventures sign. The road is sealed/asphalt all the way.

From Waitomo Caves Village
Follow Fullerton Road to the end, turn right onto Oparure Road, then follow Oparure Road until you find us. Driving time is approximately 25 minutes.
From North (via Otorohanga)
Head South on State Highway 3 from Ototohanga and stay on State Highway 3 (go straight on and don’t turn right at the intersection with signposts pointing to Waitomo Caves) until you reach the signposts for Oparure. Turn right onto Oparure Road and follow it for 12km until you find us. Driving time is approximately 25 minutes from Otorohanga.
From South (via Te Kuiti)
Follow State Highway 3 North from Te Kuiti until you reach the signposts for Oparure. Turn left onto Oparure Road and follow it for 12km until you find us. Driving time is approximately 20 minutes from Te Kuiti.

Transport options

As a small company we can’t offer pickups but there are several local companies that offer transport services locally depending on where you are in the Waitomo district.

If you are in Waitomo Village contact Waitomo Transfers, Ben on 07 8787580.

If you are in Te Kuiti township contact Val Taxi Services on 078786265 or 0211543618.

These services need to be pre-booked and you will need to contact them directly for their rates.

If you are outside of the Waitomo District without transport please contact Waitomo Information Centre for up-to-date bus timetables.

Happy travel planning and we look forward to showing you around our piece of paradise soon.