Formerly Glowing Adventures. We're now Down to Earth! Learn more...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Down to Earth a new company in Waitomo?

No, we started our journey back in 2015 as "Glowing Adventures". In 2022, we decided to give ourselves a rebrand as "Down to Earth – Waitomo Eco Tours".

Why the change, you ask?
Well, it just felt right for us...

Down to Earth – We're all about that warm kiwi hospitality.
Down to Earth – We're seriously committed to sustainable tourism.
Down to Earth – Well, it's where we'll take you, of course!
New name, same amazing adventures!

What sets Down to Earth Eco Tours apart from other tours in Waitomo?

Well, for one, Down to Earth operates on our own private farmland.

So, yeah, we're not your typical tour company, and that's what makes us pretty special.

What do I need to bring?

Absolutely nothing!

We've got you covered. All clothing and equipment is provided, including boots. Expect to get a little wet and muddy, but leave the clean up to us while you enjoy the rest of your day.

Once I arrive at the office, how far do we have to travel to get to the caves?

Unlike other Waitomo cave tours that include travel time in the tour, once you roll up to our office/house, you're already at the heart of the action! No need to pile into a minivan and bump along the countryside. Our caves are just a short stroll through some beautiful farmland and bush from where you park your car.

In the 3-hour tour, how long will I be underground?

You're in for about 3 hours of adventure! Here's how it all breaks down:

Do I need to book or can I just show up?

To make sure you're all set and not left hanging, booking ahead is a smart move. We're a tight-knit family-run crew, and right now, we've got just two tours scheduled each day. So, lock in your spot, and let's have some awesome adventures together!

Can I bring a camera?

Absolutely! Feel free to bring a small camera along. We're all about selfies! We even provide a handy zip-up pocket in the gear we give you, perfect for a phone or small camera. If you don’t want to take a camera, no problem, the guide will snap some photos along the way and email them to you free of charge. Just our way of saying thank you

However, please note that big cameras, tripods, or extendable selfie sticks are not allowed for safety reasons. We need your hands free and ready for exploring the caves.

If you're serious about photography and have larger gear, you might want to check out our private photography tours – they're ideal for capturing those epic shots!

Can you pick me up from...?

As a small company, we don't offer pickups. And just a heads-up, there aren't any Uber-style services in this area! But fear not, there are local transport options in Waitomo that can come to the rescue, depending on where you're located. Check out the details here.

What if I need to cancel my tour?

If your plans change and you need to cancel, don't hesitate to reach out to us ASAP! Here's the deal: If you give us enough notice, we can arrange a refund for you.

Unfortunately, we can't offer refunds within 24 hours of your tour start time. With short notice, it's tough for us to fill your spots. Please refer to our cancellation policy for more details.

If it's raining, will the tour be cancelled?

Normally, a little rain won't rain on our parade. You might get a tad wet on the walk to the caves, but hey, that's part of the adventure! If needed, we've got raincoats at the ready.

Now, when Mother Nature really goes wild with heavy rain and flooding– safety comes first. In those cases, we might have to call off a tour. But don't fret! You'll get a full refund, and we'll call you ASAP.

Quick tip: Always drop us a contact number when you book, so we can reach you if needed.